Piano Consignment

Selling Your Piano on Unwantedpiano.com


Getting rid of that old piano can be tough.  It’s heavy, it’s big, and no one seems to want it.

But wait!  There’s always listing your piano on UnwantedPiano.com for our piano consignment section.  If you have a piano you are looking to get rid of, keep it in your house, but list it on this site.  There is no charge to list and you get paid when the item sells!

Once some one has purchased your piano, it’s time for us to come pick it up and ship it to its new home.


Time to Adopt a Piano?


For many of you, the decline and final expiry of a piano is something that has never crossed your minds.  A piano may be viewed as something of a luxury, something your family holds on to passing through generations, or something that lasts your whole life with no thought as to what happens after.


However, oftentimes the cost of repairing an old piano is something out of the realm of the possibility of an average piano holder.  Since the economic downturn, many people are trying to get rid of their pianos once they are in less that prime condition because it is not financially feasible to repair.


And a second-hand piano is not as easy for individuals to sell as it may have been in past years.  If people are unable to sell their piano, they sometimes donate or gift to a friend. Partially because of expensive moving costs, even those options are being thrown aside in favor of the simpler option of throwing out the piano.


In the current education and entertainment climate, arts and music in education are much less valued.  People are not learning piano at the same rate as they used to.  For some, owning a piano does not seem as valuable as it once did.  People are filling junk yard and landfills with these pianos!


Why Adopt a used piano?


Adopting is an option to save an old, no-longer-needed, piano.  This piano has a history of its own and adopting it is a way of maintaining its life and adding to its rich story!


It is a free way of obtaining a piano, perfect for someone who cannot afford one, or is looking for a great starter piano.  It is a fantastic alternative for a student. Also, adopting a piano could be a great option to add to a collection if you are someone who has an abundance of space and a love for the instrument!


Did we mention it’s a free piano?!


Advice for Adopting


Just like any other time you are obtaining used instruments, there are some tips to follow.


Firstly, do your homework.  Make sure you’re getting the piano you are looking for.  Get it from a source that you know and trust so that it is a safe exchange.


Factor in moving costs.  Even though the piano is free, there will be a cost to move this large piece of wood and metal into your home.  Call a moving company to get a quote on delivery.


Look into tuning costs.  If you want your newly saved piano to be functional, it probably needs to be tuned.  Contact a professional to see what it would cost to tune your new piano before spending the money to bring it home.


Contact us HERE for more information and advice on adopting the newest addition to your home.